Advisory-group members get a taste of RapidRide

Members of Metro’s two standing advisory groups, the Transit Advisory Committee and Accessible Services Advisory Committee, got a sneak peak of the RapidRide A Line last week.

They boarded a new RapidRide bus at the King Street Center, which houses Metro’s administrative offices, and were taken to Metro’s South Facilities building, where they saw the new RapidRide shelters being assembled. The tour also included a ride down the A Line corridor and a brief talk by Christopher DeLaurenti, the sound artist chosen to create a work for the A Line (more on this in a later post).

Committee members said they enjoyed the tour and were impressed with the new RapidRide bus and rider facilities.


Tamar Benzikry-Stern of Public Art 4Culture describes the A Line sound art project and introduces sound artist Christopher DeLaurenti.

Photo thumbnails:

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Larger photos:

photo: people boarding a red bus

Committee members board the RapidRide bus.

photo: man using bus wheelchair lift

The driver assists as a member of the Accessible Services Advisory Committee tries out the bus lift.

photo: top of bus shelter with wires hanging down

A partially completed RapidRide shelter at Metro's South Facilities shop.

photo: people looking at bus signs

The tour included a sneak preview of RapidRide's real-time arrival signs (see prototype at top of photo).

photo: people examine bus shelter

Committee members give a prototype shelter a close inspection.

photo: man and woman in bus shelter

Sound artist Christopher DeLaurenti, left, discussed his project for the RapidRide A Line.

3 thoughts on “Advisory-group members get a taste of RapidRide

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  2. Will a complete schedule be published for RapidRide so that we know when the buses “every 10 minutes” or “every 15 minutes” are scheduled to arrive?

  3. There will be a schedule posted at each stop, and a printed version will be available also. Most of the times will be listed as frequencies–for example, “every 10 minutes between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.”–but actual schedule times will be listed for the hours between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. The A Line will also be in Metro’s Regional Trip Planner, which calculates trips based on schedule times.

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