B Line Pulse update

B Line Pulse, the mobile game/art project created by a team of artists for the RapidRide B Line, has been live for 12 days now. You have to use a mobile device to participate, but you can see the results with any browser. And you don’t have to be riding the B Line to play. In fact, analytics show that people have tried it out from locations around the US — and the world!

Here are some links related to the project:

One thought on “B Line Pulse update

  1. Just now – ~2:29 pm pacific time, 6/6/2012, @ Overlake transit center, Redmond, WA, rapid line “B” going towards Bellevue TC.

    I was standing 2 feet from the bus entrance, waiting for another passenger to finish chatting with the driver, and when he was done, the driver just sped away!! While I waved and called out to him! What the hell was his right to do so?!!

    Is there a complaint line that I can call in to? The details above should help u zoom into the particular driver. Can you please try to minimize such incidents?


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