Rozi and Brandon had their first date on Feb. 16, 2014. Cupid brought them together initially (OkCupid, that is), and no one wants the pressure of a first date on Valentine’s Day. So, they held off meeting for an extra two days.

It turns out, they had nothing to worry about. There were a few awkward moments that first date, but from the second date on, the rest was history. Two weeks after meeting, Rozi moved to West Seattle conveniently close to Brandon, which was just fine by him.

An avid transit user, Rozi was already adept to taking the bus on adventures all around the city.

“I love to check things out without being distracted by driving, and observing the journey of neighborhoods we pass through. The more I don’t drive, the more I like not driving,” said Rozi.

As the relationship blossomed, Brandon, a transplant, soon jumped on board the “transit train” (er, bus). Both he and Rozi work downtown.

Commuting and exploring on the C Line and West Seattle Water Taxi together became a part of their relationship.

Photo Courtesy of Aetas Amor Photography

“Rozi and I would sit on the bus and get to know each other, while I got to explore my surroundings without the pain of navigating traffic and parking,” said Brandon. “Transit is our go-to for getting around now.”

The water taxi was a natural next step.

“The first time we took the water taxi, it was a special occasion. We had bused downtown, wandered around the Seattle waterfront and went on the Great Wheel, and spontaneously took the water taxi home,” said Rozi. “We discovered that it really is a gorgeous perspective on our city and an inexpensive way to sight see, especially if you have an ORCA card.”

Now they’ve been taking the water taxi for commuting more and more.

“It’s nice to have a place to sit and drink our coffee and see the beautiful view coming into Seattle. While we love the C Line, by the time it gets to us, sitting is not usually an option.”

When the pair decided to tie the knot, they knew that the water taxi and its views had to play a part. They got married at the King County Courthouse on October 18, 2018 surrounded by family, then floated to the reception at Salty’s on Alki by water taxi.

Photo by Brandon
Photo by Rozi

“Five years later, it’s hard to imagine my life without Rozi, the water taxi or the RapidRide. One more than the others, sure, but they’re all essential to life in Seattle,” said Brandon.

Photo Courtesy of Aetas Amor Photography

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