Counting down to the A Line

Things are happening along an 11-mile stretch of Pacific Highway South/International Boulevard. Currently served by Metro Transit Route 174, this corridor will soon be home to the county’s first RapidRide bus service.

The A Line, due to launch in October, will be one of six RapidRide lines that will bring frequent service (every 10-15 minutes) and faster trips to some of King County’s most heavily used transit corridors.

In the meantime, check out one of the new RapidRide buses at a festival or transit center (see schedule).

Metro crews are completing the installation of fiber optic cable between Tukwila International Boulevard Station and Kent Des Moines Road. This is part of a new communication network that will give buses more green lights and cut travel time. The network will also operate 24 real-time bus information signs at stations along the A Line.

Check back for more info about RapidRide as Metro prepares to launch the A Line in October!

2 thoughts on “Counting down to the A Line

  1. There is no common stop between the northbound A Line and Route 166 to Kent. Riders will need to walk between stops.

    There are two options for how to make the connection:

    1) Exit the A Line at Kent Des Moines Road (north of the intersection). Walk south across Kent Des Moines Road (a distance of 600-700 feet) and board Route 166 to Kent at the current stop.

    2) Exit the A Line at S 240th Street. Walk west, crossing Pacific Highway, to the Highline Community College Access Road (a distance of 1,000 feet)and board Route 166 to Kent.

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