2 thoughts on “Video shows off RapidRide features

  1. I was very distraught to see that Metro fails to have the C line proceed all the way to the White Center transit center. I currently use the 54 to connect to the 120 in White Center. The C Line termination point fails to each the necessary destination. Please, don’t disenfranchise us who are most in need and rethink your plan.

  2. Before choosing the southern end of the RapidRide C Line routing, Metro gathered public feedback in 2007-2008 on three potential terminal locations (Morgan Junction, Fauntleroy, and Westwood Village). Each location had to have enough curb space to accommodate up to three 60-foot articulated buses at the same time. Unfortunately, there is no location with that much curb space near 15th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street. The location chosen for the C Line terminal is next to Roxhill Park on SW Barton Street, opposite the Westwood Village shopping center.

    In Fall 2011, as part of the second phase of planning and public outreach for other changes to Metro bus service in the West Seattle/White Center area, we will ask for public feedback on possible extensions of other bus routes, such as routes 60 and 120, to 26th Avenue S and SW Barton Street at Westwood Village to make frequent connections with the C Line. The King County Council would discuss and take action on recommended changes in April or May of 2012, and any approved changes would take effect with the start-up of the C Line in September 2012.

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