Art for the ears…

Sound artist Christopher DeLaurenti’s audio work for the RapidRide A Line, discussed in a previous post, is now available for listening online ( or on the phone (206-651-5981).

Both versions are interactive. The website lets you control the volume and features three sets of sliders that allow you to choose the balance between two descriptors (for example, “obvious” vs. “mysterious”). When you call the phone number, you hear a short introduction and are then told to press any button to change the sounds you’re hearing.

Check it out and let us know: what do you think?

DeLaurenti talks about the project on the Public Art Tumblr blog, and will also discuss his field recordings on KUOW radio (94.9 FM) on Monday at 12.20 p.m.

Update (11/1): you can also learn more about the project on 4Culture’s blog. And if you have comments for the artist and/or 4Culture, send them to or click on the question mark on the project site.

Image: card advertising A Line sound art

3 thoughts on “Art for the ears…

  1. That’s a neat thing and all, but how about finish putting in all the shelters?

    I’m standing here (because there’s no bench), soaked (because there’s no shelter), standing in line for the front door (because there’s no ORCA transponder). Instead of noodling with random noises, can you finish what rapidride promised? Or at least give us back what you guys tore out this summer.

  2. Really sorry about your less-than-comfortable experience! We’re guessing you were at the stop by Highline Community College; let us know if it was a different one. We’re checking now about the schedule for those shelters and will reply again as soon as soon as we get it.

  3. Metro is still working to install three RapidRide stations that were delayed by property right-of-way issues. Construction is scheduled to begin this week on the stops at S 188th and S 240th streets (northbound). We expect to install the shelter at S 188th by the end of the month, but had to revise our plans for the S 240th Street station to include two smaller shelters instead of one large one. Those smaller shelters are being fabricated now, and should be installed in mid-December. The station at S 180th Street (northbound) needs to be redesigned, and we do not yet have a completion date for it. We very much regret any inconvenience—or wet socks—caused by these delays!

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