B Line bus stop work begins in Bellevue

In preparation for the start of B Line service in October, construction of the stops, shelters, and systems will begin this month. Current bus service will be maintained, either at the existing stops or nearby temporary stops. So, we thank you in advance for your patience.

One contractor will be building improvements at the bus stops, including sidewalk work, foundations for new shelters, and customer information signs. The work will begin in Bellevue and proceed toward Redmond over the next six months.

At the RapidRide bus stops, existing shelters will be removed, but they will be replaced with new RapidRide shelters once site work is complete. Temporary bus stops will be established in the vicinity of the existing stop locations and safe walking paths will be maintained while the contractor completes the work.

Metro is working with another contractor to construct the elements comprising RapidRide’s “intelligent transportation systems.” This contractor will install new equipment at existing signalized intersections and upgrade fiber optic systems along the corridor to enable RapidRide buses to communicate between traffic signals, electronic signs and other equipment.

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  1. Metro has finished site preparations at the two bus stops on NE 8th Street at 134th Avenue, and both stops are now open. The new RapidRide shelters will probably be installed within the next 10 days, and pedestrian lights should be installed by PSE some time during August.

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