Burien hearing
Courtesy Ned Ahrens, King County

The King County Council has posted a summary of the public feedback submitted on the congestion reduction charge and service cuts ordinances.

According to the report, nearly 5,000 people testified at hearings or sent emails and letters to the Council. Only 264 of those people opposed the congestion reduction charge–less than one percent of all of the comments received. An overwhelming 73 percent supported the $20 charge and an additional 24 percent expressed support for specific bus routes and levels of service.

These 5,000 comments were in addition to any comments received by individual Council members and to the 10,000 signatures on petitions delivered July 20 urging the Council to save Metro bus service by enacting the congestion reduction charge.

The Council is scheduled to make a decision Monday, Aug. 15. Although the Council is no longer taking public testimony on the congestion reduction charge ordinance, the Aug. 15 meeting will be open to the public.

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