On Aug. 23, county staff members from the Executive’s Office, Department of Transportation, and Metro gave Congressman Dave Reichert a tour of new construction along the B Line in Bellevue.

Also on the tour were King County Councilmember Jane Hague, City of Renton Councilmember Greg Taylor, and Bellevue Deputy Mayor Conrad Lee.

Five men and one woman pose in a RapidRide shelter
Reichert, third from right, seemed to like what he saw on his RapidRide tour.

The group inspected RapidRide passenger amenities at the new station next to Crossroads Shopping Center, then boarded a RapidRide bus and headed for Renton. Along the way, they discussed how RapidRide can be a catalyst for economic development and checked out the amenities on the bus, including WiFi, Next Stop announcement signs, and three doors for boarding and exiting.

In Renton they were joined by Renton Mayor Denis Law at a local coffeehouse, and officials from both Bellevue and Renton expressed enthusiasm for the start of the B Line (Bellevue-Redmond) in October and the F Line (Burien-Renton) in 2013.

Some federal grant funds for the E and F lines are in the President’s budget but still need to be appropriated by Congress, so this was a great opportunity to show Reichert the features, benefits, and local support for RapidRide.

Woman waves while boarding red and yellow bus
King County Councilmember Jane Hague boards a RapidRide bus.