With the launch of B Line service in Bellevue and Redmond less than two weeks away, Metro is getting ready to test-drive the new buses along the route. All 12 B Line buses will be out on the road for up to 20 hours a day on Thursday and Friday (Sept. 22-23), passing through every stop and station on the line but accepting no passengers.

The test drives will allow Metro to check the unique RapidRide systems (automated onboard announcements, transit signal priority for traffic lights, real-time information signs at bus stops, and the Wi-Fi system on each bus) and help bus drivers become more familiar with the B Line equipment and routing.

Metro also wants to check the B Line schedules against real-world traffic conditions before service begins.

So if you see a red-and-yellow bus on the road in Bellevue or Redmond this week, give it a wave and plan to try out the new service in a few weeks. Rides will be free for both days of the first weekend (Oct. 1 and 2)!

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