Metro is about to begin making bus stop improvements to get ready for the start of the C Line in September. This work will include passenger amenities at each C Line stop, plus roadway changes to improve bus operations.

Work on the C Line north of the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal (except Alaska Junction) is being done by the City of Seattle. They’ll break ground as early as today at three stops on Fauntleroy Way SW and work their way up the corridor, a few stops at a time, through April.

Work on the rest of the stops on the southern end of the route (toward Westwood Village) will be done by Metro starting later this week. Metro will also manage the construction of C Line improvements at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal and Alaska Junction beginning in March.

Existing bus stops will be closed while this work is done, but Metro will provide alternative stops nearby and buses will continue normal operations. We’ll work on only a few bus stops at a time and do everything we can to minimize disruptions.

Look for rider alerts at the affected stops with details about where to catch your bus during construction. As work progresses along the corridor, we’ll also post updates about key construction activities here, and send out notices via Transit Alerts to those who have signed up for messages about affected bus routes. The City of Seattle will also be providing updates about their work on their project website.