After getting feedback from riders, Metro has decided to postpone making routing changes to routes 2, 4, and 27.

We designed a set of proposed route changes for September 2012, and we’ve been collecting public input on them throughout the month of February. Our goal in proposing the changes is to improve efficiency and serve more people and places.

Public open house
Photo by Ned Ahrens, KCDOT

But feedback already received from current riders has helped us understand how important some of our existing service is to their lives and neighborhoods. We’ve heard that there are factors that deserve further review, analysis, and understanding.

So we’ve decided to postpone making any changes to the routing of these three routes. Instead, we’re now proposing to make only small adjustments to the frequency and running hours of routes 4 and 27 to match the demand for service.

You can send us comments by email at, phone our message line at 206-263-9768, or fill out our online survey by Feb. 29. (The survey still reflects the original proposal regarding routes 2, 4, and 27, but filling it out will still be helpful to us in our future planning efforts.)