Council Committee to discuss Sept. 2012 bus changes at April 25 meeting

Photo by Ned Ahrens, KCDOT

Next Wednesday, April 25, the Metropolitan King County Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee will continue its discussion about Metro Transit’s recommended service changes for September 2012.

The committee meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. in the King County Council Chamber on the 10th floor of the King County Courthouse (516 Third Avenue in Seattle). Members of the public are welcome to attend and provide public testimony. To request a language interpreter or accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact Paul Carlson, Council staff, at (206) 296-1673 by this Friday. You may also submit comments to the King County Council email address for this topic at

Alternatively, you can watch committee proceedings online at:

At a public hearing on April 16, the committee heard both a briefing from Metro staff on the recommended September ordinance and testimony from the public. The committee is expected to refer the ordinance to the County Council for consideration and a final decision in May.

Learn more on Metro’s Have A Say website.

6 thoughts on “Council Committee to discuss Sept. 2012 bus changes at April 25 meeting

  1. My concern is my commute to the UW every morning/evening which will just about double in length. You are eliminating the 133 bus which means I will need to take the Rapid Line C downtown (which will take 5 minutes longer than the 54 Express so I will need to leave earlier ot make up the difference) then transfer to a bus in the tunnel out to the University District and then walk from Campus Parkway to the Medical Center or take a 3rd bus in the U-District. Currently taking 133, I leave home at 6am for the Park and Ride and arrive at the Medical Center at 6:45 having taken one bus! My evening commute will be longer than morning, as there are no express buses from the University back downtown in the evening. There is nothing Rapid about this for a daily commuter! Currently we only have a limited number of buses on the 133 route and they are full both morning and evening.

  2. We live off Route 17. Currently our goddaughter, who lives with us, takes it to SPU. If I understand the changes correctly, she will now have to transfer TWICE to get there. That does seem ridiculous. I know we are only one family, but I ride this route enough to know that it serves a lot of people. Living on the west side, I find east/west transportation to be the most frustrating. I would take metro more often, but as I’ve often said, you can’t get there from here, at least not in a reasonable amount of time. I would also hope you come up with some sort of pan for the poor/homeless population downtown.

  3. I work at a Dental facility In Normandy Park inside of the Puget Sound Skill Center, there are many people depending on the Bus route 132, if you were to discontinue this bus route many students will not be able to attend school and our clients would not be able to come in to get their dental services at a lower cost. As it is this bus route is difficult for communters as it runs once every hour, please don’t remove this bus route as it is essential for the commuters in the Des Moines, Normandy Park, and Burien Area.

  4. I am a daily commuter from Admiral in West Seattle to UW. It currently takes me about 50 minutes taking the 56 then transferring to an express to the u-district. With the proposed changes, I will have to take AT LEAST 3 buses to get to my destination, every day. The rapid-ride to downtown only leaves from Alaska junction. Should I take a bus to the alaska junction, only to transfer to the rapid ride, then transfer to my bus to the u-district? Or should I transfer in sodo, to only transfer again? Not only will this make my commute to school incredibly difficult but my commute to Westlake for work as well. Again, I will have to take 3 buses as apposed to 2, adding who knows how long to my commute. As a full time student and part time employee the buses have been convenient (most of the time), and affordable. But with the changes proposed, I may have to leave my job of 3 years to find one that fits on the new routes. But let’s see how long these changes last before I have to completely re-arrange things, again.

  5. Although I don’t take the 140 or 358, there may still be other customers who depend on those routes to get to their destinations. If Rapidride lines E and F replace them, they may have to walk further or make other hard adjustments.

  6. First of all I would like to know just how many of our Out of Touch Council Committee Members Actually ride Metro or have to Depend on Metro DAILY to get them to “Their job” in the mornings and how many Depend on Metro DAILY to get “them home from their DAILY JOBS”?? I’m guessing NONE OF THEM!! Yet They think they know what’s BEST for the general public that is Forced to rely on this Out of Touch Public Transportation!!! I can NOT believe that you are doing away with Route 175!!! It is the ONLY bus that I can take to get me to work!! But since it’s no skin off their teeth they demand that we have to add an ADDITIONAL 40 minutes to our morning and evening commute!! I’d like to see some of these Pampered and Highly Out of Touch Lazy Council Committee Members start taking the bus to and from work EVERY DAY!! It was bad enough that there are ONLY 4 buses in the morning to choose from and ONLY 4 buses in the evenings to choose from!! If that wasn’t bad enough, THEY Think (I use that term LIGHTLY) it’s NO BIG DEAL!! Well NEWS FLASH PEOPLE…IT IS A BIG DAMN DEAL!! You keep preaching to King County Residents to “DO THEIR PART AND START TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION” Yet YOU keep raising the fares and are SELDOM on Time and have drivers that could care less if they are on time, and NOW YOU TAKE THE FEW BUSES WE HAVE AWAY FROM US!! Does ANYONE there know what the Hell they are doing?? YOU People are playing with peoples lives and livelyhood like it’s some Big Game!! Well it’s NOT a game!! When I was living in W Seattle and waiting DAILY for the 21 bus there were at MINIMUM 6 #55’s % #54’s and 5 #120’s ALL between 5:00 and 5:30!!!! Why don’t you try taking away some of THOSE routes and leave US ALONE!! I HIGHLY DOUBT that W Seattle NEEDS that many 54, 55 & 120’s during the one random time schedule! Why don’t you just go ahead and try cutting ALL of those routes and leave all those people hanging with NO OTHER CHOICES like we are on the 175?? Clearly Metro is being run and managed by Very Unqualified individuals!!! It’s time for a Change!!!

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