Photo courtesy Ned Ahrens, KCDOT

This past winter Metro asked the community to give us feedback on the routing and stop locations for RapidRide E and F Lines, which start rolling in 2013. This feedback will help shape Metro’s final recommendation to the King County Council.

E Line – what we heard
The E Line will travel along Aurora Avenue North between Shoreline and Seattle, replacing Route 358. We are considering two alternative paths in the Green Lake area between North 64th Street and Winona Avenue North, and asked which option people prefer. We also asked people to comment on the stop locations–any they would add or take away. More than 2,500 took the time to share their thoughts. Here’s a summary of the themes that emerged:

  • Concern about pedestrian crossings on Aurora Avenue N at 68th Street;
  • Concern that the Linden Avenue N routing would add travel time;
  • General support for the number and location of stations and stops;
  • Interest in adding stops at Aurora Avenue N at 80th, 50th and 38th Streets, and on Linden Avenue N at 64th Street; and
  • Concern about locating stops on Linden Avenue N at 68th Street, adjacent to singe-family residences.

F Line -what we heard
The F Line will operate between Burien, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Renton, replacing Route 140. We wanted to learn what people thought about several different routing options between Burien and Renton, and a possible future extension of the line to the Renton Landing. Nearly 300 participated in this outreach effort and here’s what we heard:

  • No clear preference for a routing option near the Tukwila Station;
  • Slight preference for the Park Avenue N routing if RapidRide F Line was extended to The Landing;
  • General support for the number and location of stations and stops; and
  • Interest in adding a stop at Lind Ave SW and SW 16th St.

Moving forward
In the coming weeks Metro will be sending a recommendation (ordinance package) for E and F Line final routing and stop locations to the Council for their consideration. People will be able to participate in the Council’s review process–attending Council meetings or sending in their comments via email or phone. We’ll be posting updates about the ordinance package and Council meetings here, so stay tuned!