This past winter, Metro asked for the community’s feedback on routing and stop locations for the RapidRide E and F lines, which will start rolling in 2013. This feedback has helped shape the preferred route designs that Metro and the King County Executive submitted to the Metropolitan King County Council today.

E Line
Between the Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle, the preferred E Line alignment will mostly follow the routing of current Route 358. The one exception is between Winona Avenue N and N 63rd Street, where the southbound E Line will use Aurora Avenue N rather than Linden Avenue N (the E Line will use Linden in the northbound direction)

Metro chose this routing after hearing the community’s safety concerns about people crossing Aurora Avenue N at N 68th Street to use a northbound stop. It also addresses people’s feedback about the appropriate place to locate a pair of stops in this area.

Metro is now in discussions with the City of Seattle about placing a southbound RapidRide stop on Aurora Avenue N near N 66th Street. If a safe stop design can’t be accommodated on Aurora Avenue N, the E Line will follow the routing of current Route 358 in both directions, with a single pair of stops on Woodland Place North near N 64th Street.

The preferred route design adds two stops that were not included in the original proposal: at N 80th Street and Lynn Street (see map).

F Line
Between the Burien Transit Center and the Sounder Tukwila Station, the F Line will mostly follow the route of current Route 140. Between the Tukwila Sounder Station and the Renton Transit Center, the F Line will serve the Strander Boulevard extension (when it is completed), Oakesdale Avenue SW, SW 16th Street, Lind Avenue SW, SW Seventh Street, Rainier Avenue S, and South Second and Third streets.

This preferred routing responds to concerns we heard about transit coverage on Lind Avenue SW between SW Seventh and SW 16th streets. We’ve also added three stops along Lind Avenue SW at SW Seventh Street, SW Grady Way, and SW 16th Street, near employment centers in Renton.

Metro also asked the community to weigh in on a potential future extension of the F Line to The Landing in Renton. The preferred alignment for this extension would serve Logan Avenue up to N 10th. The return routing would serve Park Avenue N to Logan Avenue N. The  extension would include a RapidRide station on N 10th Street at Park Avenue N and three regular stops.

The extension to North Renton would add about 8-10 minutes of running time to the F Line. At present, the service hours are not budgeted. Until Metro identifies additional resources to pay for it, the F Line will operate between the Burien and Renton transit centers as originally planned.

What’s next?
People will have an opportunity to comment on these preferred route designs at an upcoming meeting of the King County Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee in mid-July. Members of the public are welcome to attend and provide public testimony. Stay tuned for updates.

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