Metro began construction for bus stop improvements on the RapidRide D Line route in March. We’ve completed work and installed new RapidRide shelters at several stops, in Belltown and elsewhere along the route. We’ll start work on the largest stations in July. This work will include installing new bus bulbs in the Uptown area and along 15th Avenue NW in Ballard.

The photos below were taken this morning as a crew worked on new concrete at 15th Avenue NW and W Dravus Street in Interbay.

photo: several men working on new concrete
Workers smooth the surface of new concrete for a RapidRide D Line stop in Interbay. (view larger)
photo: workers with bus in background
A Route 15 bus approaches as workers finish concrete for a new RapidRide D Line stop at 15th Avenue NW and W Dravus Street. (view larger)