Courtesy KC Metro

Metro is making changes in September that will result in a more-efficient transit system overall. But financial resources are tight, and in order to add service where it’s most needed, we have to take it away from routes that aren’t used as much. Unfortunately, this means that some riders will have to change the way they travel—either going further to reach a bus or maybe even finding an alternative to transit.

If your bus service is going away, we encourage you to check Metro’s  travel options page for a list of resources you might want to consider. If you and some of your neighbors would like to form (or join) a carpool or vanpool for commuting, look under “RideShare” for tools that can help. Or maybe you can drive to a park-and-ride to reach bus service, or ride a bike for part of your commute and then load it on a bus for the rest of the trip.

If you have any questions about the different options, be sure to reach out to the travel options program managers—we’re here to help!