The people we’ve heard from in southeast Seattle take the bus to places all over the county.

Here’s a map that shows destinations that came up over and over again in our conversations. Does this reflect your own travel patterns?

Travel trends of note… Some of the people we talked to don’t live in southeast Seattle, but travel there for culturally-relevant social or health services. They live throughout the county and rely on multiple bus routes to get to these services throughout the day. Infrequent and/or unreliable service greatly affects their ability to get to appointments on time.

Another common theme expressed is people who live in southeast Seattle making frequent trips south to places like Skyway, Renton, Tukwila, White Center, and Burien to visit family and friends.

Is the service that’s currently provided – buses, Link, or alternatives – working to get people to these places? If not, how would you structure these differently to better meet the travel patterns expressed here?

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