Get ready for bus service changes coming this fall

Metro will make a large set of changes to bus service on Sept. 29. These changes will include the launch of two new RapidRide Lines connecting Ballard and West Seattle to downtown, as well as changes to many existing routes–more than 90 routes in total.

Riders can start getting ready for these changes by visiting Metro’s Have a Say website, which has a summary of the changes.

New route timetables reflecting the changes will be available online and in print in mid-September. Information about the changes will also be available at that time via Metro’s online trip planner (be sure to enter a date after Sept. 29 to see the new information) and Customer Information phone line (206-553-3000).

Pay on entry

The Ride Free Area in downtown Seattle is also scheduled to end on Sept. 29. As of that day, riders will be encouraged to enter and pay at the front door and exit from the back door for all trips in King County, including those on Sound Transit Express and Community Transit buses. This will help simplify our bus system and preserve bus service. (Learn more)

2 thoughts on “Get ready for bus service changes coming this fall

  1. I’m not as extatic at Joyce about the Ride Free Area, but what’s done is done. I just hope Metro iteracts with rider every waking moment downtown at every stop to ensure riders are are informed. Also, there needs to be a loud, massive campaign regarding the Ride Free Area change. Automated announcements in the tunnel, large banners and signs at every stop in downtown needs to be posted to inform riders what is happening LONG BEFORE 29 Sep.

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