Metro Transit is planning to reduce the number of closely spaced bus stops along Route 44 between Ballard and the University District, a change that will help buses move faster, keep to a more reliable schedule and reduce Metro’s operating and maintenance costs.

Route 44 currently makes about 30 stops each direction between Ballard and the University District. Metro plans to remove 5 bus stops in each direction in late September 2012, increasing the average spacing between stops from about 900 feet to 1,050 feet.

As a result of this change, about 7 percent of Route 44 riders will have to catch their buses at different stops.

View a pdf of the map here >>

Alerts and comments
Metro will post rider alerts at stops planned for closure in August to give the public a three-week period in which to comment on the planned changes. After considering public comments and making any modifications, Metro will close stops in late September. Comments are due by Friday, Sept. 7, via:

  • Fill out an online comment form.
  • Call Metro’s message line, 206-263-4478, and record your message, including the location of your stop.