Metro forming sounding board in Shoreline/North Seattle

Group will advise on service connections around E Line

With the RapidRide E Line starting in fall 2013, Metro is forming a community sounding board in Shoreline and North Seattle to advise the agency on how to improve bus service connections in these areas.

Bus riders who regularly use routes in Shoreline and North Seattle are invited to help Metro develop its service change recommendations for fall 2013. The sounding board will meet 9-12 times between Sept. 2012 and March 2013. Most sounding board meetings will be scheduled on Thursday evenings.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out an application by Sept. 3 »

If you have questions or need a printed application, email Ashley DeForest or call her at 206-684-1154.

Why change bus service?

Starting fall 2013, the E Line will serve Aurora Avenue N between the Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle. It will provide a backbone of new, frequent transit service for other routes in the area to connect with and complement. Working with the sounding board, Metro will consider changes to improve:

  • Connections to the E Line
  • Bus service in the neighborhoods surrounding Aurora Avenue North
  • Connections between transit activity centers such as Fremont, Wallingford, Greenwood, Greenlake, Northgate, and Shoreline.

4 thoughts on “Metro forming sounding board in Shoreline/North Seattle

  1. Will the RapidRide D line be extended the 0.8 mile from the current north end to connect with the new RapidRide E line at Aurora & N 105th St?

    Is that in the current plan? If yes does it have a rough time-frame?

  2. Metro has no plans to extend the D Line. It may be worth checking out Route 40, which connects Ballard, Whittier Heights (the D Line terminal), Aurora Avenue, and Northgate.

  3. Will the E line attempt to match arrival/departure times with the Swift at Aurora Village P&R? At least will the E line frequency in both directions be identical?

  4. So Shoreline gets served but not Lake City??! Lake City needs better connections and better service along Lake City Way–not the limited stops, few and far between, of the #522, or the long-and-winding routes of the #72 & 41.

    And, people need to be able to go East-West as well and to connect with North-South lines further west.

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