Getting the word out – Ride Free Area ends Sept. 29

You’ve probably already seen the bus posters announcing the end of the Ride Free Area on Sept. 29. We’ve also produced a multilingual video to help us get the word out to our riders with limited English proficiency. The languages include Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Ukrainian and Somali.

Starting next week, we’ll be playing this at our customer information centers as a public service announcement – do you know of any additional places we should post it? Please share your ideas in our comments section. Thanks!

One thought on “Getting the word out – Ride Free Area ends Sept. 29

  1. As of now, none of your fall changes make sense to me. I ride the 133 to UWMC – 45 minutes each way am and pm. In the past week, I have taken the 54 express in the morning and transferred to the 43 which takes an hour if I leave home early enough which is acceptable. However, both trips home have taken 90 minutes!! If I transfer to the 70 expresses in the tunnel in the morning, I have a 15-20 minute walk from campus parkway to the medical center! With Rapid Line C, I lose the 54 express so the trip downtown takes 5 minutes longer – not very rapid. The 116, 118 and 119 don’t run late enough in the evening. If you read the article in the Seattle Times a couple weeks ago, most of us don’t work just an 8 hour day anymore – I arrive at work by 7am (if metro gets me there) and leave at 5pm or later! The express buses from downtown end by 6pm to West Seattle – and will end permanently in October – Rapid Line may be nice for people during the middle of the day but do very little for workers trying to be responsible and not drive. I understand you’re doing a presentation about van pools tomorrow, but they lack flexibility! So, as we stand watch endless 271, 43 and 48 buses pass the medical center, our measly 4 runs in the morning and 4 runs in the evening (3 and 3 when school isn’t in session) are being canceled. Why can’t the 133 become a 271 when it reaches the U-district in the morning? It would have been helpful if you would have asked for our input! Adding an additional 60-90 minutes to my commute each day is painful when I realize I could take an express to Tacoma quicker than getting to West Seattle – check the 586 bus schedule!
    Patricia Kloster

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