More RapidRide trips to improve frequency, reliability

Some good news for evening commuters who ride to West Seattle: We’ve got more bus trips for the RapidRide C Line, starting Nov. 5 and 13, to maintain frequent service even when buses get stuck in traffic near lower Queen Anne.

Starting Nov. 13, bus drivers also will have updated evening schedules, based on what we’ve learned from operating RapidRide in downtown Seattle the past six weeks. The revised schedules will help C Line buses arrive more regularly at stops.

Our news release has more details.

We continue to gather and analyze data to make the bus system work better in this time of growing ridership and tight budgets. We’ll have more to report in coming weeks about how the system is performing. Keep us posted on how the changes are working for you.

One thought on “More RapidRide trips to improve frequency, reliability

  1. How are you establishing accountability when riders can get on the D or C lines without paying when they enter? Will there ever be employees scanning rider’s cards to make sure they have paid? Will you be adding more Orca tapping machines at major bus stops? I will also add that I have enjoyed the D line.

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