It’s been about seven weeks since we launched the RapidRide C Line between West Seattle and downtown Seattle, and there have been bumps in the road. We’ve heard a lot of feedback, and continue to tackle the issues that bug riders most.

We want what riders want: frequent, reliable service, especially during the peak commute. Most days that’s no easy task. Our buses travel the same congested streets and intersections as commuters in cars, pedestrians and bicyclists. We keep working at the problem, and gathering rider feedback, ridership data and reports on how the service is operating.

Below are the top concerns we’ve heard from our customers and what we’ve done (or are doing) to fix them.

We also posted a questionnaire to learn more about your experiences traveling buses to and from West Seattle. We hope your feedback can continue to help us make the system better.

Let’s keep each other posted on how things are going. You can start by completing the  questionnaire online.

>>Having trouble viewing these images? View the Top three things we heard about the C Line as a PDF.

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