It was great hearing from riders in West Seattle this morning! Four teams from Metro Transit met dozens of riders during the Tuesday morning commute.

Comments from riders – at the bus stops today, on this blog and through the survey – show we still have work to do to make the service run as smoothly as possible. Some of you think it’s gotten better since the start of RapidRide service, thanks to more buses added during peak commute times.

But, you still want buses to be less crowded, and for real-time arrival signs and OneBusAway to let you know when to show up at the bus stop or give you confidence that you can let a crowded bus pass by knowing the next one is just few minutes away.

It’s a work in progress as we troubleshoot these challenges. West Seattle continues to be a strong and growing transit market, and we want to make sure we are meeting the needs of riders. Keep the comments coming using our online questionnaire through Dec. 7. We plan to summarize the results and dig deeper into the concerns raised in the weeks ahead.