SeptSvcChangeIn order to make more efficient use of resources and serve more riders, Metro is considering some changes to bus service in Renton.

Thanks to all who took part in our first round of outreach last fall—you gave us good feedback and we used it to revise our initial concepts into a set of proposals.

Now we’d like your feedback on these proposals before we make a recommendation to the King County Council for adoption.

What we heard… What we’re proposing…

More than 100 of you weighed in via our survey, public meetings, phone calls, or emails. Here are some of the results:F line_p1_ages

  • 5 out of 10 respondents said they ride Route 105
  • 6 out of 10 ride Route 110
  • 4 out of 10 ride Route 155
  • 3 out of 10 ride routes 908 and 909
  • 3 out of 10 said they have a disability
  • 1 out of 10 said they speak a language other than English at home

F line_p1_income1 …About discontinuing Route 110

What we heard: Almost 80 percent said they like or could accept replacing Route 110 with service on the F Line because it would be a more efficient use of resources (reducing duplication and meeting more riders’ needs by having the F Line go to The Landing).

Some expressed concern about how much longer it might take to travel between the Sounder station and places of employment, such as the FAA and Paccar/Kenworth. We heard from several people who work at Paccar/Kenworth that they aren’t thrilled about having to walk from the F Line to their worksites. And some respondents said they were worried that the F Line might be overcrowded with Route 110 riders using it during peak commute times.

We’re still proposing to discontinue Route 110: The F Line will provide all-day, two-way service on a path similar to that of Route 110 between the Sounder Tukwila Station and the Renton Transit Center. The F Line will offer service every 10 minutes during peak hours, keeping wait times short at the Tukwila Sounder Station. The F Line’s articulated 60-foot buses will hold more riders, and travel times for most riders should be similar to what they have now on Route 110.

The main part of current Route 110 that would not be served by the F Line is along Park Avenue N. Riders traveling to and from this area would be able to transfer to routes 240, 342, 560, and 566 at the Renton Transit Center, or they could walk from nearby F Line stops. The F Line stops at N 6th Street and Logan or N 10th Street and Park Avenue N would be the closest stops to the Paccar and Kenworth Northwest employment sites. Vanpools are another option for connecting from the Sounder Tukwila Station and Renton Transit Center to businesses along Park Avenue N.

This change would allow us to distribute service more effectively by reducing duplication and reinvesting resources from a peak-hour-only route (current Route 110) into all-day service with higher ridership (the F Line).

…About converting Route 155 to DART service

What we heard: Almost 80 percent said they like or could accept converting Route 155 to DART service, with fixed-route service between Southcenter and Fairwood Center and service on request in Fairwood.

Some expressed concerns that it will be more complicated for Fairwood residents to access DART service; others expressed concerns about losing the “one-seat ride” to SeaTac airport that is currently provided by the interline of routes 155 and 156. Currently, every Route 155 bus trip continues past Southcenter as Route 156.

We’re still proposing to convert Route 155 to DART service: DART service offers variable routing in certain areas for customers who call in advance to reserve pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Route 155 would keep its current routing between Fairwood Center (140th Avenue SE/SE 177th Street) and Southcenter, and provide service upon request only to the area east of Fairwood Center. Service would be provided with a Metro DART van rather than a standard bus.

Riders would be able to request pick-up within the variable-service area by calling the DART reservation office at least two hours before the requested pick-up time. Pick-up reservations can be made for 30 days at a time, up to 30 days in advance, and reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Eastbound passengers could also ask their drivers to continue beyond Fairwood Center to let them off if they are traveling to a destination in the variable-service area.

This change would allow us to use resources more effectively by matching service to demand.

…About changes to routes 908, 909, and 105

What we heard: We heard support for rerouting Routes 105 and 909 (80 percent said they like or could accept these changes), but an equal number said they dislike or have concerns about discontinuing Route 908 because it serves transit dependent populations. We also heard concerns about changing the routing of Route 105. Currently, the route serves the Renton Housing Authority’s large complex at NE 16th Street and Kirkland Avenue NE, future development planned in the area, and the new Highlands Library being developed at NE 10th Street and Sunset Blvd SE. All of these point to a need for us to maintain bus service in a community with a higher level of transit dependency.

We’re not proposing any changes to routes 908 and 105, we are proposing to modify Route 909: We’re proposing to change Route 909 to operate further east on NE 7th Street to Monroe Avenue NE, NE 10th Street, and Sunset Boulevard NE, in order to provide better access to the Renton Housing Authority administrative office and Renton Technical College.

What do you think?

We’re asking for feedback on these proposals by Feb. 15. Take our online survey (available in alternate formats on request), call us at 206-263-9768, or email to comment.

Metro will use this second round of feedback to prepare a recommendation to King County Council. The King County Council will vote on these recommendations in April or May.

We’ll use this blog to keep you informed about the decision-making process. If you provide us with your name and email address when you take the survey, we’ll send you updates as new information becomes available.