We took Route 150 from downtown Seattle to Southcenter and transfered to Route 155 to talk to riders and distribute a survey about Metro’s proposal to change Route 155 to DART service in September. Learn more about the proposal and comment by Feb. 15>>

We spent the day riding Route 155 talking to nearly 50 people who may be affected by this change.

What would this change mean for riders?

For riders getting on in the “Fairwood loop,” we helped them understand that if this change happens they would need to call the DART reservation line to request a trip at least two hours in advance. If they take the same trip on a regular basis, they can make a standing reservation for pick up and do not need to call for every trip. Reservations can be made for 30 days at a time and up to 30 days in advance. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those traveling between Fairwood Center and Southcenter, we clarified that the route would continue to operate on the same routing at the same frequency and they would not need to call the DART reservation line to request a pick up.

One rider who lives south of SE Petrovitsky Road and “outside” of the proposed DART service area wondered if he could still access service on the route. The answer is, yes. As long as this rider can get to an existing bus zone in the DART service area, he can make a reservation for the service.

There was concern expressed by several people who live west of Southcenter and start or end their journey on Route 156 which turns into Route 155 past Southcenter.

One woman we talked to lives in Burien and works at IKEA. If this change happens, she would take Route 156 to Southcenter and transfer to Route 155 to commute to work and do the reverse on the way home.

Another woman we spoke with also relies on Route 153 and the interline of Route 155 and 156 to get to and from work at Providence. For her, the new RapidRide F Line will be closer to her place of work and come more frequently. She still make one transfer, but is looking forward to a more reliable and frequent choice of service.

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