Talking to Renton and Fairwood riders on Route 155

We took Route 150 from downtown Seattle to Southcenter and transfered to Route 155 to talk to riders and distribute a survey about Metro’s proposal to change Route 155 to DART service in September. Learn more about the proposal and comment by Feb. 15>>

We spent the day riding Route 155 talking to nearly 50 people who may be affected by this change.

What would this change mean for riders?

For riders getting on in the “Fairwood loop,” we helped them understand that if this change happens they would need to call the DART reservation line to request a trip at least two hours in advance. If they take the same trip on a regular basis, they can make a standing reservation for pick up and do not need to call for every trip. Reservations can be made for 30 days at a time and up to 30 days in advance. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those traveling between Fairwood Center and Southcenter, we clarified that the route would continue to operate on the same routing at the same frequency and they would not need to call the DART reservation line to request a pick up.

One rider who lives south of SE Petrovitsky Road and “outside” of the proposed DART service area wondered if he could still access service on the route. The answer is, yes. As long as this rider can get to an existing bus zone in the DART service area, he can make a reservation for the service.

There was concern expressed by several people who live west of Southcenter and start or end their journey on Route 156 which turns into Route 155 past Southcenter.

One woman we talked to lives in Burien and works at IKEA. If this change happens, she would take Route 156 to Southcenter and transfer to Route 155 to commute to work and do the reverse on the way home.

Another woman we spoke with also relies on Route 153 and the interline of Route 155 and 156 to get to and from work at Providence. For her, the new RapidRide F Line will be closer to her place of work and come more frequently. She still make one transfer, but is looking forward to a more reliable and frequent choice of service.

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3 thoughts on “Talking to Renton and Fairwood riders on Route 155

  1. Please keep 155/156 as one route!!! No splitting in Southcenter!!!! In fact give it a one route number to make it simple! or just extend 155 west on 176th Ave S to at least the airport. Other routes that terminate at the mall can do a better job circulating the Southcenter area. The corridor between Fairwood and the Airport is terribly undeserved. There is just no direct way to travel between high density of Fairwood and Benson Hill to and from the airport. You’ll have to go way up north into Downtown Renton and waste a lot of time… not to mention a risk of getting mugged when transferring there…

    Line F is really pointless… who in their right mind needs to travel between Downtown Renton and Tukwila Sounder… every 15 min??? in an articulated bus?!!! and then to go where?!!!! Proposed F misses so many important locations like Valley Medical and Renton City Hall. I would rather see these money spent on extending current routes to a nearest meaningful destination away from Renton TC and crime ridden counterpart Renton p&r. Valley Medical gives passes to its employees, but the bus service doesn’t go anywhere useful to the north or to the west. 169 terminates in DT Renton and now 155 will terminate in Southcenter and not continue as 156?! That’s a shame…

  2. Keep 156/155 as one route via S 176th st between Fairwood and the airport at least. Switch funding from this pointless RR F to 169/240 line as one route that skips the very inconvenient Renton TC. Get rid of Renton TC terminus. It is very inconvenient. A lot of time wasted when traveling through Renton.
    I repeat do not ruin the only productive route in Renton! Do not split 156/155 line between Airport and Fairwood!
    Also more service is needed to get to Renton City Hall, there are a lot of regional services in that building. Looks Like you Rapid Ride F will only serve big parking lots of mega big box stores. Most things you buy in those stores you can’t even take on the bus… so what’s the point of such service?????!
    And no, no one will travel from no density of Downtown Renton to Tukwila Sounder and Light Rail. Maybe so lunatic will, but everyone who values time will use 101, 102,143,167, and even 106 to get to Seattle and 560 to get to the airport.

  3. I don’t know why it’s even a question. It’s nothing but single family houses with 2 car garages… If I choose to live in a neighborhood like this, i will not be relying on a bus that stops running after 6p! The real elephant in the room is why there are no later trips connecting with 156 as one route. And why the bus circles around the mall, when it can just stop on the Sears side, do it is more direct. There is a small comment by metro in this post, where it tries to normalize a pathetic transfer in Southcenter between 155 and 156, and hinting that this line will be split! What are you thinking Metro?! And F line(140) is more important than 155/156 line?! I am puzzled…. where is the demand between Tukwila light rail and Downtown Renton? You are going to put an articulated bus every 10 minutes on a route that no one rides except kids? These are rethorical questions, because what you are planning for Renton is insane. All I know is, there is no way to get anywhere north past downtown Renton from Valley Medical. but you will put 10 minutes large bus between no man’s land Downtown Renton and no man’s land Tukwila light rail. As if anyone will want to transfer to from light rail like that. I agree with above comment, we need to connect buses that terminate in Renton TC and have routes follow Grady Way/Main Ave corridor so they can serve more pedestrian oriented services and more social services, instead of big box stores on Rainier Avenue.

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