In the mood for #Metromance?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re popping the question! (Three, really)

What do you love most about riding the bus?

Pink timetables launch the season of Metromance

Pink timetables launch the season of Metromance

Which Metro Route # do you love most?

Have you met someone you love on the bus?

Feeling poetic? Post your thoughts here in verse. And share a photo with us on Twitter or Facebook. (#metromance)

And keep it all PG, please 😉

3 thoughts on “In the mood for #Metromance?

  1. My fav route is nolonger a route. Now that metro has killed a great bus ride and has added a 3rd bus to my old 1 hour trip to work it now takes me 3 buses and almost 2 hours to get to work. Metro has also made it very hard for me to go shopping for food as now if I want to take a bus home from my food shoping at the Jeffereson Sq. or QFC store close to the Alaska Jct. I now get to carry my shopping bags 2 or more blocks to catch a bus going south on California Ave Sw where we used to have the RT22 or RT54 going south on California Ave SW. It to me seems as metro doesn’t care about the ADA and not making sure the disabled have the same services as abled bodied persons have. I see a very easy fix yet I’m sure nobody cares about us the Disabled anyways at metro. Make the RT 22 make one more stop at the Jefferson SQ stop and the QFC stops before going the other way. Yet I’m sure nobody will look into this simple fix and will just keep forgetting about the disabled and leaving us to try and figure out how to do this or more of us will end up with big buggy type carts and filling up the already over filled “C” line with these and taking up 2 and 3 seats. for one rider. This to me seems crazy as that will mean more people left waiting for the next bus to take them where they are trying to get to. Which once again gives metro another black mark in the poor service side and making it so more riders move back into their own car and off of the bus.

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