Looming Metro funding crisis subject of talk Friday, March 1

Metro Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond will speak about the potential for service cuts starting in fall 2014 due to a $75 million annual revenue shortfall looming in Metro’s future.


Metro Transit bus in downtown Seattle

This brown-bag lunch event sponsored by the Transportation Choices Coalition will be held Friday, March 1, noon-1 p.m. in room 121 of the Chinook Building, 401 Fifth Ave. in downtown Seattle.

You can learn more about the event on the Transportation Choices Coalition website, and learn more about Metro’s financial future at www.kingcounty.gov/TransportationFuture.

2 thoughts on “Looming Metro funding crisis subject of talk Friday, March 1

  1. Public transportation should be self-sufficient and not rely on any of my tax dollars. You need to charge fees according to what it actual costs and if you cant make it then someone from the private sector will move in, take your place and show you how its done without tax dollars.

  2. Cut the retirement package to a reasonable level and I bet the shortfall goes away. Government comp programs are out of line with reality. Until this is fixed, there is no hope for balancing a budget with actual needs.

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