Retooling Route 15X Ballard to downtown Seattle

We recently heard concerns about a tweak in service we made on the 15X as part of the Feb. 16 transit changes. We had retooled the schedule to help ease passenger loads, however we inadvertently shifted the span in service in a way that surprised and upset riders. Boarding a Metro bus

Starting Friday morning, March 1, we again retooled the schedule to return a trip that stops at 15th and Market around 8:30 a.m. and arrives downtown before 9 a.m.  We understand that many riders have come to rely on this later morning service, so we’ll find ways to continue offering this trip as we continue to adjust the remainder of the morning schedule to better match rider demand.

2 thoughts on “Retooling Route 15X Ballard to downtown Seattle

  1. Stop these scare tactics. If you would just inside and cut all the waste and bad employees you have with all these fat, bloated entitlement-minded union members, you would be in the black and not in the red. If you going to cut routes, cut them. Stop asking for our “say” because it won’t do a damn thing.

  2. The leadership officials of Metro need to do a better job attaining adequate funding. I understand cost of operations has risen and state and county budgets are tight. Good leaders are able to bring people together to solve a problem. Many of the people most affected by the proposed transit cuts are likely not involved in politics and may lack access to technology needed for blogs and public forums such as this. I question Metro’s reasoning for already planning transit cuts rather than allocating all available resources to raise the funds needed to maintain service. With the growth of King County metro should be planning future route enchantments and more off-peak hour routes rather than preparing for route cuts. The leadership of metro needs to do what it takes in order to get the budget needed to serve the people of King County, even if that means stepping down so a more capable leader can get the job done. Given how bad traffic is and the already high cost of living, transit cuts shouldn’t even be on the table. Part of the onus is on the people of King County to demand more of their elected officials, but those who are paid to maintain the transit system have a bigger responsibility and they are not getting the job done.

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