As the city of Seattle gets ready to reopen Fairview Avenue North, we’re getting ready to put our buses back, too.

Beginning March 16, Metro will return routes 70, 71, 72, 73, 83 and 309 to Fairview. This is about a week after the city plans to reopen the street to traffic – they’re aiming for March 9 so long as weather cooperates.

Buses have traveled Eastlake Avenue East since August 2012 while the city completed its work on this phase of the Mercer Corridor project. Thank you for your patience these many months as we’ve kept the buses moving.

Bus 70

Behind the scenes, we’re working to notify the many riders who depend on these routes to reach the UW, South Lake Union or First Hill. We’re also making sure bus stops are ready, bus operators are notified and bus schedule data is updated and accurate.

Until then, buses remain on temporary reroutes.

Route 309, a weekday route will return to service along Fairview Avenue North on March 18.

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