Press conference photo 3-11-13At a recent news conference, leaders from local business, labor, education, and grassroots organizations called for state lawmakers to enact essential transportation funding to “keep King County moving.”

Leaders called out the critical need for a robust statewide transportation package, including a local funding tool to support transit service and roads maintenance needs in King County. Read the news release.

Metro Transit’s annual revenue will fall $75 million short of what is necessary to maintain current service in mid 2014 after reserve funds are exhausted and the congestion reduction charge runs out.

Without new funding, Metro must cut service by up to 17 percent beginning in fall 2014. This service cut would directly affect 70 percent of Metro’s riders and cause a ripple effect felt by nearly all transit users. Riders would face bus service that is less frequent, a loss of service at certain times of day, more transfers, having to walk farther, or a loss of service altogether. Even more would ride crowded buses—or be left at the curb as full buses pass them by.

What can you do?

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