Heads up: many routes that serve the I-90 corridor will be changing on Sept. 30.

The King County Council approved the following changes in April, with the goal of improving service along the corridor during peak periods, when it is needed most. Learn more on the project website.

Route Change
210 Will serve the Eastgate Park-and-Ride.
211 Will not serve the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride
212 Some trips to downtown Seattle will be replaced with Route 210, which will now serve the Eastgate Park-and-Ride.
214 More trips will be added. Half of the trips will begin and end at the Issaquah Transit Center, and will not serve downtown Issaquah.
215 Will no longer serve the Issaquah Transit Center.
216 Will serve the Issaquah Highlands Park-and-Ride instead of North Issaquah. Afternoon/evening trips will stop at the Eastgate Freeway station.
218 Some Route 218 trips will be converted to a new Route 219, to serve both Issaquah Highlands and Sammamish. Issaquah Highlands riders will be able to use routes 216, 218, and 219.
219 This new route will connect both Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands to downtown Seattle.

Note: Because of Metro’s constrained budget, we were limited to proposing improvements that did not involve additional costs.

Metro will also be making changes to service in other areas at the same time. We’ll post more information about the September service change when it becomes available later this summer.

10 thoughts on “Heads up: many routes that serve the I-90 corridor will be changing on Sept. 30.

  1. Typo: in the link to the project website, you forgot the : after http, which makes the link as provided invalid.


  2. Is the 219 going to end at the S Sammamish P&R, or will it continue into Sammamish near 228th Ave NE & NE 8th St?

  3. Upcoming Route 216 change – as I stood in the pouring rain this morning underneath the nice bus shelter at the S. Sammamish P&R on S. 228th, I realized that we’ll be standing in the pouring rain when the route change happens because there is no shelter at the turnaround in the P&R. Can you please move the existing shelter (I’m sure there are far more Route 216 riders than 927 riders), or build a new one? Thanks.

  4. @traveller – a specific schedule becomes available online by Sept. 18 if you use the Trip Planner to plan your trip. Remember to put in a date after Sept. 28 so you get the new schedule information. As an alternative, we anticipate printed schedules being available as early as Sept. 23.

  5. Routes 212/217. Will there still be service to the T-Mobile headquarters at SE 36th and 131st in Factoria? I can’t find any mention of changes to 217 but I think it is being lumped in with 212 changes.

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