Construction begins tomorrow on RapidRide F Line bus stops

Construction begins Sept. 4 on two RapidRide stops at The Landing in Renton. These stops will serve Route 140 riders starting Sept. 28, when Route 140 will be extended to follow the path of the future F Line north of the Renton Transit Center.

We will then install three more RapidRide stops north of the transit center, and Route 140 will begin serving each of them as construction is finished.

The F Line will begin service between Burien and Renton on June 7, 2014, replacing Route 140.

RapidRide stops and stations

RapidRide stations are placed where most riders gather. Their features include:

  • Electronic signs that tell how many minutes it will be until the next bus will arrive.
  • Large maps of the routes showing all stops and destinations.
  • ORCA readers that let riders with ORCA cards pay before they board and get on at any door.

RapidRide stops are well lit so people can see around themselves and be seen. They also have stop request signals that let riders trigger a light at night to let the bus drivers know they are waiting.

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Work along the F Line corridor includes upgrades to traffic signal infrastructure to support transit signal priority at certain intersections; installation of new passenger amenities at each RapidRide stop; and making some roadway changes to improve bus operations.

In March, we began construction on the F Line Intelligent Transportation System project, which will include installation of equipment cabinets, wireless access antennas, and fiber optic cables for real-time bus information signs, off-board ORCA readers, and transit signal priority. This work will continue through September, moving from Burien east through SeaTac, Tukwila, and Renton. When we finish this phase of the project, we can begin testing and fine-tuning transit signal priority equipment.

Existing bus stops will be closed as needed during construction of RapidRide stops and stations. When we close a stop,we’ll provide an alternative stop nearby and buses will continue normal operations. Only a few bus stops will be under construction at any given time, and we’ll do everything in our power to minimize disruptions.

Look for rider alerts at affected bus stops with details about where to catch your bus during construction. As work progresses along the corridors, we’ll also post construction updates here, along with this progress graphic:


2 thoughts on “Construction begins tomorrow on RapidRide F Line bus stops

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  2. These route extensions are fantastic to a family like us who are making the transition (voluntarily) to a 100% public transit lifestyle, and singing its praises to everyone we meet.

    I wonder how much extra cost vs. benefit it would be to extend service one more stop from Logan to Edmonds for the 140 or the F-Line.

    You should send one person, just once to walk from one stop to the other. It’s either a 30 second bus ride, or a 30 minute walk (because of the unpaved path, which leads literally through the woods, and has not a single security light).

    Seriously. Send someone to walk from one stop to the other, and hear what their opinion is. Preferably send them after sunset, or before sunrise. When my wife, who is a nurse, has to walk it on her commute Sat & Sun mornings to catch the 560 at 5:45am, and I have to wake up to walk with her.

    Keep up the great work! Other than this, we are totally committed to, and really enjoying, a lifestyle of public transit!

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