New video: Rider gives tips on riding Metro with a wheelchair

Metro is always looking for new and better ways to help you get where you need to go, and riders are key in giving us insight and feedback about our services.

With help from Saan, who rides Metro using a wheelchair, and Paul, a Metro transit operator, we have a new video to highlight the best practices for using mobility devices on transit.

Paul said he was proud to team up with Saan to help introduce riders to the accommodations Metro provides for mobility devices. “It was an opportunity to play a part in welcoming passengers and hopefully putting them at ease with the boarding procedures,” Paul said.

Thanks guys for your help in making a great video! If you have an idea for a video that could help people learn about our services, let us know. Or if you have other questions about riding the bus, check out our other information.

3 thoughts on “New video: Rider gives tips on riding Metro with a wheelchair

  1. A bit ironic that the video isn’t captioned… This video should be accessible to all.

  2. Another good tip is to be ready to help the driver identify good spots on your wheelchair for the tie-downs. There are two kinds, seat belt loops and hooks. Try to figure out a couple parts of your wheelchair frame that are strong, can be looped around, that the driver can reach even on the side against the wall, and maybe that you can reach. I like to put nylon runners, loops used for climbing, found cheaply at REI, on the parts of my power wheelchair that are good for tie-downs. These loops are engineered to take stress, and are brightly colored making it easy to tell a driver what to look for. They work well for both belts and hooks.

  3. how can Metro Transit continue to justify providing a 97% subsidy to Metro Access users ($1.25 charge for a $44 cost to provide service)? Federal Law allows the Access Rate to be double the regular coach rate and in 1999 Metro identified that the Access Fare ought to be at least on par with the regular rate. I believe that the fare ought to be set at the maximum Federal Law allowable.

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