Public meetings on proposed service reductions are underway

Without a stable funding source for public transit, Metro is preparing to cut more than 600,000 hours of service.

Our proposal to close the budget gap includes deleting 74 bus routes and making changes—mostly service reductions—to 107 more. The effects of these cuts will be felt across the county. Many of our riders will have to walk farther or wait longer to ride buses that are more crowded, and drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians will face increased congestion on highways, city streets, and county roads.

We’re reaching out now to help our customers learn about the proposed cuts, and asking them to tell us how the cuts will affect their daily lives. With no new funding, we will have to make the cuts, but public input could help us fine-tune our plans.

Suggestions that help us reduce negative effects on our customers while still making the needed cuts could result in changes to the proposal—but it’s no fair asking us to move your cuts to another area instead.

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Upcoming meetings

  • Bellevue: Wednesday, Dec. 11
  • Kent: Monday, Dec. 16
  • Kirkland: Thursday, Jan. 16
  • Southeast Seattle: Thursday, Jan. 23
  • North King County: Monday, Jan. 2

Check our online calendar for times and locations, plus other opportunities to learn about the service cuts from Metro staffers.

  • Thousands of riders have visited our website to learn about the cuts.
  • More than 2,000 people have filled out our survey to tell us about the impacts they will be facing when the cuts are made.
  • On social media channels, use #KCMetroCuts to join the conversation.
  • Meetings are taking place around the county (see list or check our schedule online). So far, community members have come together in Federal Way (see a slideshow on YouTube), West Seattle, and North Seattle to talk with Metro staff members, get their questions answered, and share their perspectives on the situation. This is a great way to get individualized attention from Metro staffers on your situation and learn about alternatives that may be available to you.
  • Metro staff members are also visiting bus stops, park-and-rides, and other community gathering places to share information. Check our complete current schedule or watch for the van in an area near you.