Armed with candy hearts, new timetables and the spirit of #Metromance, RapidRide Man and Metro staff met up with Route 358 riders Friday to bid farewell to Route 358 as it is retired and replaced by RapidRide E Line. The 358 is the second busiest route in Metro’s system, carrying about 12,000 riders a day.

Service will still travel along Aurora Avenue north between Shoreline and Seattle, but starting Feb. 15 will offer more frequent service and upgraded bus stops and buses.RapidRideMan

Our websites have information about the E Line, the schedule, route map, the RapidRide service and amenities, fare payment.ELineStartsTomorrow

Route 358 signs told riders the route was retiring and shifting to Rapid Ride.

Thanks to our thousands of daily riders for their patience as we completed improvements to bus stops and now service in this busy corridor.

Everyday riders depend on Route 358 between Shoreline and Seattle: 12,000 riders.

Buses will come often, operating every 5 to 15 minutes throughout the day.

The Route 358 already runs frequently, but one or two trips per hour will be added throughout the day, including late night and early morning. These additions will allow the E Line to operate as a 24-hour service.

The Aurora Avenue corridor will see an overall 25 percent increase in service when the E Line is introduced.

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Valentine’s Day candy, hearts and timetables made it a fun day for riders as they bid Route 358 goodbye.



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