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You may have seen these ads on your bus already. They started appearing last month as part of Metro’s “We are Metro” courtesy campaign inspired by the Transit Advisory Commission.

This October, we invite you to join us in recognizing Disability Awareness Month. We are proud to continue a campaign we started a year ago: We are Metro – Community driven! The diversity of people who use and operate Metro’s services is one of the things that makes our Metro community great. Recent bus cuts and an unmet demand for more service mean that now more than ever, how we treat each other can make or break our transit experience.

What can you do to help?
Having your fare ready when you board or using an ORCA card can be your way of keeping the bus moving. Understand that a customer with limited mobility may take a little longer to pay fare. Thank the bus driver. Offer a priority seat to a fellow customer. Help a parent stow away a stroller. Keep what you bring on board with you from blocking the aisle whether it is a pet, a mobility device or a suitcase. Keep your music and cell phone conversations to yourself. There are lots of things we can do to make the bus ride a good experience.

Join our growing community

Sign up to receive emails about Metro accessibility. Join more than 11,400 people to learn about things such as changes to affect customers with disabilities and opportunities to provide feedback on accessibility issues.

We invite you to share your stories and pictures…

  • here on the blog
  • tweet us at @kcmetrobus
  • post on Metro Facebook, or
  • simply add the hashtag #WeAreMetro to any social media post.

Share with others what you observe others doing or what you do to make sure your fellow riders have a good experience.

This month the Metro Matters blog will be highlighting existing programs and tools to make our services easier to access. Metro has a long history of working to make sure that services are accessible, no one is left behind and all of us have a better ride. Thanks for joining us in making Metro a community that works for all of us.

Editor’s note: the Transit Advisory Commission are Metro customers appointed by the King County Council to advise Metro on your behalf. We represent all the county council districts and half of us represent customers with disabilities. Would you be interested in joining us? To learn more about the Commission or to apply to be a member visit the Transit Advisory Commission website. We Are Metro!