Last September, Route 139 in Burien was one of several routes Metro deleted because of insufficient funding and low ridership. Metro and the City of Burien are now working together on an alternative service to replace the parts of Route 139 that were used the most.

We’re considering two possible routes for the shuttle. Both would serve Seahurst, downtown Burien and the Burien Transit Center, Highline Medical Center, and Gregory Heights. Both would use a combination of scheduled service along a marked route plus a flexible service area where riders can call in advance to request a pickup. There are differences in travel times, how often the shuttle would run, and how service would operate in Gregory Heights.

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Both options would…

  • Be an addition to current all-day and peak bus service in Burien.
  • Serve Seahurst, downtown Burien and the Burien Transit Center, Highline Medical Center, and Gregory Heights (note that Gregory Heights would be served differently in the two options).
  • Provide scheduled service along a route with marked stops.
  • Also have a flexible service area where riders can call ahead for a pickup or drop-off that’s closer than the regular route (but not door-to-door).
  • Use a transit van that holds 12-15 passengers and has both a wheelchair lift and a rack for two bicycles.
  • Operate weekdays only, about eight hours per day (based on budget). Public feedback will help us decide the exact times of service.
  • Charge standard Metro fares. Transferring riders can use ORCA’s built-in two-hour transfer for all the region’s buses and rail, or a paper transfer to or from other Metro routes.
  • Be integrated into the overall transit system, including Metro’s Trip Planner and real-time apps.

Burien-shuttle-option-1What’s the difference between the two shuttle options? (See maps side by side)

  • Option 1, a two-leg route, would come less often (about every 40 minutes), but riders would have faster, more direct trips to their destinations. See the map (above) for approximate travel times. Gregory Heights riders would call ahead for rides to/from Seahurst.
  • Burien-shuttle-option-2Option 2, aclockwise loop, would come more often (about every 30minutes), but some riders would have longer trips because of the one-way loop. To find the approximate time of a specific trip, add the times listed on the map in the direction of the loop.Gregory Heights riders could either catch the scheduled service shown on the map or call for a ride elsewhere in the flexible service area and then continue on the scheduled loop route.


Your feedback will help shape the shuttle service, which we expect to start this June.

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