Link Connections

Link is coming to Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium in early 2016. Metro and Sound Transit are working with the public to plan how bus service will connect with new light rail.

We heard from nearly 6,000 people last November on how to best connect Metro bus service with the new light rail stops coming to Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium in 2016. View a full summary of what we heard. We asked people about their experiences using transit and what would make them use transit more. Here are the top responses:

What is the most important when using transit?

  • How long it takes
  • How reliable the service is
  • Whether you have to transfer

What would make transfers more acceptable?

  • Buses/trains arrive on time
  • Only having to wait 5 minutes or less for the next bus/train
  • The transfer stop has good shelter from the weather

How long are people willing to travel to get to frequent transit service?

Around 75% would travel up to 10-15 minutes to get to frequent bus service – regardless of how they are getting to the bus, e.g. walk, roll, bike, or drive.

Find details, including charts showing the results of these questions in the full summary of what we heard.

Several people from immigrant communities shared that they are used to transit from their native countries that is less complex and comes more frequently. They didn’t need to “plan” a trip because they could walk to a transit stop, wait no longer than 15 minutes and make connections to other modes and services throughout the city.

Metro and Sound Transit planners are working with a Sounding Board (a community advisory group) to use this input to plan better connections in areas that will be served by light rail. We will be sharing bus change concepts in early March, and look forward to hearing more from you as we look at ways to make connections with light rail stations safe, easy, and timely. Stay up to date on all things Link Connections by visiting our website here.