Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 26, we will be adjusting the volume level of internal stop announcements and external route and destination announcements on all buses to better serve transit customers. Plus, we’re going to be doing external bus announcements at all bus stops served by two or more routes and phasing out external announcements at bus stops served by just a single route.

Metro gathered a group of riders in November 2015 to give feedback about volume levels for bus announcements.

Consistent audio announcements are required by federal law and provide independence to riders who with vision impairments or other disabilities.

Improved stop, route and destination announcements will meet or exceed Federal Transit Administration requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act and better serve all riders who use the Metro system. The changes address an FTA audit that found Metro did not meet stop and route announcement requirements.

Since November, we’ve implemented comprehensive on-board stop announcements on 100 bus routes, with more to be phased in during the coming months.

Learn more about Metro’s accessible services programs online and contact customer service to talk with a Metro representative about how to navigate the system.