Metro is correcting map label errors

Metro has identified and is correcting minor map label errors on printed timetables for some routes – labels that depict connections to some routes that are were deleted or changed as part of the March 26 service change.

Once these errors came to our attention, we quickly updated and corrected our online maps and timetables. If new ones emerge, we will address them just as quickly. Next up: we are working to print pocket cards to notify riders of the identified errors and then will take steps necessary to reprint timetables.


No, that’s not how to spell Loyal Heights, nor University District

These are the routes identified as having map discrepancies in map reference boxes, transfer points or footnotes: 10, 26, 28, 40, 41, 47, 48, 49, 63, 64, 65, 67, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 169, 197, 249, 252, 255, 257, 268, 271, 308, 345, 347, 348, and 372.

Other errors we are addressing: We found two missing letters in the cover map of Route 45 (Which should read Loyal Heights and University District). Also, one southbound 6:53 a.m. trip for Route 308 was mistakenly left off of that timetable, and it will be reprinted.


The 242 was deleted, so will not be serving Northgate



If you think you have found an error, please let us know so we can quickly address it, in online or in printed materials. We work hard to offer clear accurate information about Metro service and want to correct any errors in materials as they are found. Contact us by phone (206-553-3000) email ( or on Twitter (@kcmetrobus) or Facebook (@kcmetro).

We REALLY don’t like finding errors in our materials that could confuse our customers – we know you rely on our maps and timetables to be accurate. We’re focused on meeting that expectation.

Changing bus service to create a better transit network serving neighborhoods and Link light rail on March 26 has meant a lot of planning – and now putting buses on new paths for riders. Thanks for your patience as we make these transit improvements and our apologies for any confusion these errors have caused.

4 thoughts on “Metro is correcting map label errors

  1. Yes, Metro should hire a proofreader when routes are significantly changed or created. Perhaps when you’re working on major revisions, you can also figure out how to use readable type size for the vital information on the printed schedules, such as the times, even if less essential information has to be reduced in size.
    There are more serious problems than just putting Roosevelt Way in Greenwood and Denny Way in Ballard: that only confuses tourists. More serious problems are, for example, (1) making schedules with tiny type while items like “Night Rider Tips” remain eminently readable, and (2) continuing misleading maps (printing transfer point symbols where transfers are impossible, failing to list half the routes that stop at a particular “bay”, etc.).
    I hope that you can figure out if this is a funding problem. Thank you.

  2. What would be really cool is if you could correct this ridiculous hub and spoke system. Not everyone wants to go downtown before going somewhere else. Some people want to directly from Ballard/Fremont to Capitol Hill/First Hill.

    Isn’t it absurd that I have to either grab the 32 to UW and then ride the Link to Cap Hill OR take the 40 or 62 downtown and then grab the 3 or 4 or 8 or whatever? Route 666: Ballard to First Hill via Fremont and Eastlake. And it should take 30 minutes tops.

    I know this is the wrong place for this. I’m just annoyed and hoping someone will at least think about this. Ballard to Bellevue, 5 stops. This hub and spoke system is absolutely ridiculous. 20 minutes downtown on the 40/62, 55 minutes to Bellevue on the 550, which is an express but does every tunnel stop plus the freeway station, plus Mercer Island, plus the P&R, THEN TURNS INTO A FRICKING LOCAL!!!

    Dude. Come on.

  3. route 43 has been eliminated……not good for a 86 years old person that needs to go to Group health often…..cannot jump from 3 buses, and try to make it in time…….please reconsider…and put back route 43 as before…….thank you

  4. You are ruining peoples lives. In 2014-15 you said you would have to delete many bus routes unless additional funds were found. We voted and the routes were saved, so how the hell are you justifying eliminating whole neighborhoods from reliable transportation. You also said there would actually be more buses more frequently. The 43- the 72 the 10 on 15th so many lines, what are people who live where now NO bus flows do when they can’t walk far? Women with children, the elderly. Metro -one of the best things about Seattle, allowing us to be independent no matter what age or condition. Lots of buses -lots of stops close together-that is the gold standard! A point to point train is not going to serve whats between those points. This isn’t right. This MUST be rectified.

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