Metro is working with the City of Redmond to improve the eastbound right-turn at the Old Redmond Road and 148th Avenue Northeast intersection.

The goals of this improvement are to enhance the performance of bus Route 245 and improve safety for everyone who bikes or walks through this location.

The intersection’s current approach includes a “pork chop” pedestrian island which separates the eastbound through-movement and a short eastbound right-turn ‘slip’ lane.

While functional, the existing design lacks adequate capacity for through traffic before it blocks the right-turn lane. In turn, through traffic blocks right-turning vehicles (including Metro buses) and increases delay and travel time for the movement. During the morning peak hours, bus delay through this movement ranges from 20-30 seconds per coach.

(Click to see PDF: Old Redmond Road_148th Ave NE Proposed Enhancement pdf)

In addition to the performance benefits for Metro customers, this improvement will also enhance bike and pedestrian performance through this location.

The project includes a clearly marked painted bike lane through the intersection, a signalized pedestrian crossing from the pedestrian island to the sidewalk and enhanced roadway channelization to create a more uniform movement for right-turning drivers through the intersection.

Metro and the City of Redmond have been working closely together to develop a design which balances the needs of all modes.

This effort is part of Metro’s larger Route 245 improvement project which is enhancing speed and reliability along the corridor, improving existing bus zones and creating new bus zones to support better regional connections for transit customers.

Old Redmond Road is a place of particular interest on this route as Metro bus Route 245 is its only frequent transit service and connects the corridor to multiple Eastside destinations and regional transit lines.

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