If you ride Metro regularly, you know how easy it is to climb on and zone out with a good book, tunes, games or TV shows on your phone (and the occasional power nap).

Behind the scenes, you’ve left your car behind, and that is one of the single best things you’ve done for the environment.

By the numbers

According to the Earth (and science), transportation is a huge contributor to pollution, and riding Metro buses and vanpools is the best way to travel and reduce pollution. Our electric trolley buses, hybrid buses and the growing fleet of battery electric buses (120 by 2020, baby!) show King County means business when it comes to climate change.

We’re not done, and we need your help. As our transit network grows, and more frequent buses and light rail expands, you might not know how that new network can work even better for

Make a plan to give it a try, maybe even this Saturday (hint-hint, Earth Day), by using our online trip planner or Puget Sound Trip Planner app to find a way to climb aboard!

If you don’t want to pay cash, you can test drive our Transit Go Tickets on mobile, or buy an ORCA day pass at a ticket vending machine.