We surprised James Turner this month with the highest honor Metro has: Transit Operator of the Year.

You can see the look on his face as he walked into a cheering room full of family, bus drivers and supporters on Aug. 17, 2017.

Here’s what riders have to say:

He always has a smile on his face. He is pleasant and nice to everyone without discriminating. There was one time where passengers were stuck on his bus for close to an hour and a half because of some accident, and he was so nice. He took it in stride and, in a situation where it could be really easy to get grumpy, he made everyone feel comfortable. He clearly enjoys what he does and he deserves to be recognized. Outstanding job!”

“I have known James for many years and wish to recommend him for ‘Bus Driver of the Year.’ Reason being his outstanding way he treats and respects all passengers, young or old. His personality never changes even though some passengers can be rude. He’s always nice to people. He’s very knowledgeable about bus routes and is very careful about letting people sit down before he takes off. I hardly ever come across drivers as nice as him anymore. I consider him very outstanding as a driver.”

After a rider had foot surgery and was not able to move very quickly, “the driver was very patient and extremely thoughtful. He displayed this throughout the rest of the trip towards other riders, especially toward elderly and disabled individuals.”


Here is the announcement, including dozens of compliments riders have sent Metro over the years. Congratulations James!

James Turner King County Metro Transit Operator of the Year

“Like all our Metro operators, James takes public service seriously. But he goes a little bit farther, creating a community space on his bus that is friendly, inclusive, and relaxing. He shares his dedication to helping people get around the region with his family – eight relatives including his sister, son and daughter drive for Metro. James says he loves what he does, and for 35 years, riders have loved that he does it.” – King County Executive Dow Constantine

“Throughout his 35-year career, we’ve heard time and again how James respects the needs of riders of all ages and backgrounds. He is a shining example of the best customer service that Metro provides and we’re proud to honor him as Metro’s Top Driver and our Transit Operator of the Year.” – Metro Transit General Manager Rob Gannon