Metro’s “Seahawks Shuttle” from area park & rides will not operate for Sunday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts.

The buses, which Metro operates on contract with the Seahawks, provides direct nonstop service from the Eastgate and South Kirkland park & rides to games at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks opted not to contract for the shuttle service for Sunday’s game.

Metro no longer operates shuttles from the Northgate Transit Center.

Travel options to the game

Riding regularly scheduled transit service is still a great way to get to and from the Seahawks game on October 1. Visit Metro’s online regional Puget Sound Trip Planner desktop, mobile, Android or iOS apps to plan your trip, or just to see when your bus is scheduled.

Nearly all transit service that serves downtown Seattle travels to within walking distance of CenturyLink Field. In all cases, transit riders should be prepared for buses that are more crowded than usual and possible service delays due to traffic. Regular fare is required on all transit service and can be paid with cash or ORCA card.

Metro will monitor service at key locations and will mitigate overcrowding if resources are available to do so, however transit riders are advised to use their routes’ regularly published schedules to plan transit trips, allow plenty of time and be prepared for crowds and delays.


While Sound Transit Express Route 554 provides regularly scheduled direct service from Eastgate to Fifth Avenue South at South Jackson Street near CenturyLink Field, fans who might have been traveling to Eastgate from other eastside locations may want to consider other options, such as ST Route 550 from the Bellevue Transit Center and Bellevue Way SE areas, or traveling to another part of the Eastside or nearby areas for alternate service.


While Metro Route 41 provides frequent and efficient service to International District/Chinatown Station near CenturyLink Field, fans who were traveling to the Northgate Transit Center to connect with game day shuttles may want to consider other options, such as direct bus service from nearer to their starting points in many north Seattle and north King County neighborhoods, or north end bus service that connects with frequent, fast Link light rail at University of Washington Station. Metro’s Sunday service that stops near the Link station includes routes 31, 32, 43, 44, 45, 48, 65, 67, 75, 271 and 372.

South Kirkland

While Metro Route 255 provides direct service to International District/Chinatown Station near CenturyLink Field from the Kirkland area, fans who may have been traveling to South Kirkland from other eastside or northeast areas to connect with direct shuttles may want to consider other options, such as Sound Transit routes 522 or 545, or itineraries that might include transfers with other buses or with Link light rail at UW Station.

Information on travel options to CenturyLink also is available at the Seahawks gameday transportation guide.