Last week, we changed Route 62 on evenings and weekends — bringing buses to the doorstep of Seattle’s Magnuson Park, which was a pretty big deal.

And with the final touches in place by the City of Seattle, Route 62 buses can now (starting Saturday, Sept. 30) drop people off at the doorstep AND at a new bus stop inside the park! (see full map)

Bus stop inside Magnuson Park
Not just a bus stop.

This bus stop (pictured, not sorriest in the least) is on 62nd Avenue Northeast inside the park and it’s where you would wait when you are ready to leave the park. Drivers Once you board, you can take the trip back through Ravenna, Greenlake, Wallingford, Queen Anne and to Downtown Seattle. A nice, relaxing tour and a vital east-west connection.
To reiterate: Magnuson Park is amazing and this change means riders can leave their car at home and reach the park, to breathe fresh air and sigh contentedly.

Fall is upon us, and before the real wet chill of permawinter arrives, grab a coat and scarf, your PSL and head over to Magnuson Park for relaxing evening or weekend stroll – Metro has gotten you there!