Staff are working to address a technical issue with Sound Transit’s ticket vending machines that may have affected some ORCA customers.

It has come to our attention some ORCA customers seeking to purchase monthly passes for October have instead purchased passes for November, resulting in “insufficient funds” messages when the cards are used. Any rider who encounters this issue can tap as they normally do when boarding, as transit operators and fare enforcement staff are aware of the technical issue.

Purchasers of monthly passes are given two options at vending machines: revalue an existing pass or add a new one. The technical issue is related to the “revalue” option. Until the resolution of the issue, estimated for later this month, customers are advised to choose the “add new” option and select the correct month.

Customers with affected cards can visit a Metro customer service office or call ORCA customer service number on the back of the ORCA card at 888-988-6722.