About 950 people who work in SODO participated last summer in Metro’s survey on transportation needs in the area. We shared their input with a working group, which helped us develop six new transportation options that could help meet those needs.

Now we’re going back to SODO workers with a second survey to ask if they think these new services would help them get to and from work. We invite those who work in SODO to take the survey by Tuesday, Nov. 14.

The six new transportation options are:

  • Bus Route Extensions on Limited Trips
    Instead of going off-duty while driving through SODO back to the bus bases, some buses could provide service to SODO during some times of the day.
  • Flex VanPool
    Users could request rides in Metro VanPools without having to become members of the VanPool group or ride every day. These rides could be between home neighborhoods and work, between home neighborhoods and transit centers, or between work and transit centers.
  • Community Ride
    This reservation-based service would travel inside a specific service area. Trips would be based on where people want to go during the middle of the day.
  • Get Your Ride
    This service would provide rides on demand for people who need to connect to or from a transit hub when it’s dark out.
  • SODO Pathway Improvements
    Iimprovements along certain streets would make it safer to walk to the bus stop or train station.
  • Bike Share Partnerships
    A bike share service allows people to use a bicycle for a short period of time to get from one place to another within a few miles.

The SODO district is a key employment center but many of its workers have schedules not served by current bus service. Also, the pedestrian environment in SODO can make it more difficult to use transit.

This project is part of Metro’s Community Connections program, which uses community partnerships to learn how to close transit gaps where regular bus service isn’t the right fit. For this project, Metro is working with the City of Seattle and the SODO Business Improvement Area to identify transportation gaps and explore innovative, easier ways for people to get where they need to go in SODO.

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If you work in SODO, we invite you to take the survey by Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Learn more on the project website