Metro heard from more than 1,300 community members this year when we asked for public input on our ideas for improving Routes 3 and 4.  Together, these routes carry more than 11,000 riders each day, but are often stuck in traffic along James Street near the I-5 on-ramps.

Metro is considering whether to move both routes from James Street to Yesler Way, Eighth Avenue, and Ninth Avenue (see map) to improve their speed and reliability.

Based on what we’ve heard so far from community members, Metro will study ways to improve bus reliability and continue to serve riders’ needs along James Street. We plan to present updated proposals in summer 2018 and depending on the findings, potentially conduct another round of public outreach.

Visit our webpage to learn more about what we heard and our next steps.

Route 3 and 4 map
Metro may move routes 3 and 4 from James Street to Yesler Way.